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  • Arbitrum and Optimism emerged on top of the layer 2 sector in terms of net deposits.
  • In the DeFi space, Arbitrum showed the most growth.

Despite market uncertainty, the overall state of the L2 sector remained positive.

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Arbitrum and Optimism take the lead

Optimism [OP] and Arbitrum [ARB] emerged as the leading platforms for layer-2 scaling solutions in 2023.

They have experienced growth in terms of net deposits, with $631 million flowing into Optimism and an impressive $1.67 billion into Arbitrum.

However, it’s crucial to note that not all layer-2 solutions have seen the same success. In the case of Polygon and zkSyncEra, they faced significant value outflows of $393 million and $171 million, respectively.

When categorizing these protocols, we observe a noteworthy trend. Optimistic rollups, a specific type of layer-2 scaling solution, have attracted substantial positive net flows this year.

In contrast, ZK rollups and other types of layer-2 solutions experienced outflows totaling $101 million and $393 million, respectively. These numbers indicate a diversification in the adoption and success of layer-2 solutions within the crypto ecosystem.

The substantial net deposits on Optimism and Arbitrum this year could positively impact the layer 2 sector. They indicate growing trust and usage of these platforms, making them more prominent in the crypto space.

On the flip side, the net outflows from Polygon and zkSyncEra raise concerns. It suggests that not all layer 2 solutions are equally successful, and some are facing challenges in retaining user interest and investment.

This diversification in adoption shows that the layer 2 sector is evolving, with different solutions finding their place.

It’s a sign of the market’s maturation as users explore and gravitate toward platforms that best suit their needs. However, competition remains fierce.

Arbitrum thrives in DeFi

Coming to the DeFi sector, it was seen that Arbitrum had outdone other protocols in this space in terms of TVL (total value locked), it ranked number one.

This higher TVL is a good sign for Arbitrum. It shows that users have confidence in its platform. In terms of DEX volumes, Arbitrum also did well and outdid other solutions.

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DEX volumes in DeFi refer to the total amount of cryptocurrency trading that happens on decentralized exchanges. It shows how active and popular these exchanges are.

When Arbitrum has a higher DEX volume than other protocols, it means more people are trading on Arbitrum’s decentralized exchange.

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