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  • Compound has decided to allow lending and borrowing using Coinbase’s L2.
  • If Base’s “on-chain summer” extends for a long while, COMP’s metrics might gain.

Compound [COMP] has become the latest DeFi protocol to hop onto the Base train, according to an announcement on 15 August. Since it gave the public access to its mainnet, BuildonBase, Coinbase’s L2 has experienced an impressive level of growth. 

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COMP follows the L2 footstep 

In fact, the amount of assets bridged on the protocol is one that the crypto market hasn’t seen for a short while. According to Compound, the availability of Base on the protocol would enable the borrowing and lending of assets including Ethereum [ETH] and Coinbase’s Wrapped Staked ETH.

Before Compound, other projects like Chainlink [LINK] and Uniswap [UNI] integrated with Base. But with Compound’s appearance, what effect will Base have on the open-lending platform?

The first stop is to consider the Total Value Locked (TVL). For context, the TVL measures the health and trust given to a protocol by considering the unique smart contract deposits entering it. And over the last 30 days, Compound’s TVL decreased by 3.88%.

Source: DefiLlama

This left the value at $2.20 billion. And in turn, implied that liquidity flowing into chains under Compound hasn’t been much. But with Base’s integration, Compound could see an improvement in on-chain activity.

Therefore, this has the potential to change the course of its TVL for the better. Another metric that could be affected by the integration is network growth. Network growth measures the number of new addresses interacting with a network.

When the metric increases, it means new addresses are increasingly making their first transactions. And when it decreases, it implies that a dearth of transfers by new addresses. 

Possible changes and new partners

Over the last 30 days, Compound’s network growth has been decreasing. This means that traction on Compound has not been splendid. But in the coming days, when Base users flood to lend and borrow on Compound III, there could be a positive change in the network growth.

Like the network growth, Compound’s 30-day active addresses had a similar trend. Active addresses show the number of distinct addresses that have participated in a transfer within a given time.

Therefore, the decrease in this metric suggests that participants familiar with the Compound protocol have not really been exchanging assets on the platform. But now, Compound can look to Base to change the status quo.

Compound network growth and active addresses

Source: Santiment

Realistic or not, here’s SUSHI’s market cap in COMP terms

In a related development, SushiSwap’s [SUSHI] head chef Jared Grey confirmed that the project would also support Base.

And as of this writing, the project was already making moves for the integration through Saintbot. For the uninformed, Sanibot helps to deploy and manage fair-launch tokens on Decentralized Exchanges (DEXes) like SushiSwap.

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