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Uzx.com  is proud to announce the launch of its governance token UZX (UZXcoin) and the availability of UZX/USDT and UZX/BTC trading pairs. The initial price is 0.0416 USDT.

The trading channels are now open, and users can log in to the official website Uzx.com to start trading. Trading time:00:00AM on NOV 01(UTC), It’s worth noting that the UZX dao governance token will have a lock-up rate of over 95% in the first year and an expected lock-up rate of 90% in the second year. This ensures a steady growth of the token’s price as the exchange progresses. Token holders (UZXDAO Members) have voting rights, proposal rights, and dividend rights. The UZXDAO decision committee can vote to accept or review proposals. Each member has one voting right, and significant decisions require a two-thirds majority vote, while daily governance decisions require a simple majority.

Token Supply

Total supply: 500,000,000 UZX

Genesis members: 140,000,000 UZX (locked)

Super representatives: 210,000,000 UZX (locked)

Trading rewards: 100,000,000 UZX (released based on trading contributions)

Exchange operations: 30,000,000 UZX

Community development fund: 20,000,000 UZX

UZX is a global cryptocurrency platform driven by DAO, dedicated to empowering global traders with power and ensuring secure and stable transactions on a safe and transparent platform. Managed by UZX DAO through the Cayman Foundation, the platform prioritizes decentralized decision-making and aims to establish a decentralized, secure, and inclusive financial ecosystem, offering diverse investment services to the cryptocurrency world.


Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice. 

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